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Dear Yuppie Scum in room 414...

Yesterday was a hellish day at work for all of us at the Hampton Inn in Portland.

17 rooms per person, nearly all of them trashed because a Canadian bus tour full of little old ladies left early that morning. I wound up skipping my lunch break to try to get my rooms done on time, which I never do considering I'm hypoglycemic. The new GM comes to my floor saying three rather high-maintinence middle aged women need the suite ASAP, and in an unusual gesture even helped me clean it! Much appreciated, especially since that room was so filthy it could've gagged a maggot.

The room is cleaned in about an hour, she goes and checks them in, and all seems fine.

About a half hour later I'm cleaning another room and these saggy-tittied harpies doused in Channel calogne start doing the "Housekeeping! You need towel? HAHAHAHAHAHA" bit, which wasn't funny the first 18,000 I've heard it this week and I get it so often it doesn't really bother me that much anymore (good ol' New Age mental-emotional balance training pays off, for now...)

"Oh you are so bad!"
"What? It's not like she can understand me."

Of all the times I felt like screaming at a guest I really wish I did, but I maintained my cool.

I told this story to the Front Desk manager and her jaw dropped to the floor with disgust.

I hope room 414 gets swarmed with locusts before they leave.

I mean seriously! I went without eating to bust my ass to make sure that room was ready when THEY wanted it and they're making fun of me?
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What the FUCK?? If anyone did that to me you can be damn sure I would let them have it with both barrels; and furthermore, if I was a manager and a member of my staff reported an incident like that to me, I would be straight up there to tear a strip off the guests. I don't give a shit how much money you're paying: you're NOT paying to abuse people.

I've worked in housekeeping; I feel your pain. The sheer ingratitude of some people is mind-boggling - but I suppose if you had literally never cleaned a bathroom or a bedroom in your life, you wouldn't understand that it's fucking hard work doing it all day.
you should have just calmly looked at them and said "no, whyever would i be able to understand you?" and then walked away. theyre bitches, so screaming a them wouldnt work, but i guarentee their hearts would have both stopped for a second.
Yeah I would either turn around, smile with a confused look on your face (as if to not comprehend) and then say, "Now that wasn't very nice now was it?"


Go to a local pet store that sell crickets and release them under the door in the middle of the night.
I like the crickets idea!