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Sick and Tired

All I want is to enjoy my new found freedom but some ass can't let things go.  I moved on!!!!!Move on jerk!!! I was left with nothing and am having the time of my life. Hah! Deal with it already and get lost. I will rebuild and have a beautiful life that I now understand that I deserve and am going to have. On my own. I can do it. You know that and can't deal with it!! No more picking up after you and carrying your baggage. No more feeling sorry for you and dealing with your problems. On my own. No one to hold me back and I feel empowered for the first time in my life. No more of your holding me back and me having to deal with your drinking and childish ways!! You no longer serve a purpose for me so get lost. You and your baggage. I always was on my own, handling everything, fixing everything and shouldering the weight of life and responsibility on my shoulders all while you just tra la laaad through life saying it's going to be okay, it will work out. All the while it was your fake way of supporting me so you could sit back and have me do all the work and enjoy the benefits of my hard labor. I'm on to your sweet talking ways -- don't work on me noooo more. I don't have kids and don't need one. You are just a child. GROW UP.  I don't need some lazy cheerleader who just mooches and sponges. Roll up your sleeves and help out. Stick your fake support up your ASS! I'm onto your shit. Show me some attention sometime. NOOOO just your silly little encouraging words all the while I was doing all the work and worrying. Big baby.  Go find another mother to take care of you. I am Independent, strong, and nothing or no one will ever stand in my way again. Done am I with your laziness, sloppiness, and baggage. Hah Deal with it  and move on. Ass!!! ON MY OWN AND LOVE IT. BEST DAMN THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. SHOULD HAVE DROPPED THE DEAD WEIGHT SOONER. PASSIVE LOSER! Pick the fuck up after yourself for once. Find a new maid. Glad you aren't around pigging up my place. Pig up someone else's place because you sure won't ever be able to have your own place. Drunk delinquent teenager.
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