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So I love how the entire world just came together today and said, "Hey, let's piss this chick off today, y/n?"

First of all, if you don't like me or the way I do things then hey, that's completely fine. But do not act nice to me to my face. Don't say you like spending time with me, don't say you like me, not if you're just going to go behind my back and ask my friends how to tell me you don't actually like me or want to be around me without offending me. Some folks just don't like other folks and I understand that. You've ruined yourself for me, btw. I'll never be able to look at your ugly panda face without vomiting in my mouth a little.

To all the psychos who come into town and steal my friends: What the fuck ever, okay? Friends are temporal. I don't know if you're trying to one-up me or something, but if you didn't know, I was going to end up not being friends with those people one day anyway. You haven't ruined my life or anything. Also to the psychos: If you truly don't care whether or not you're stealing my friends? STOP TELLING ME YOU DON'T CARE. I don't really want to hear it anymore. Get out of my face.

To anyone who knows me or deals with me: I'm sorry that I'm a flakey bitch, sometimes I just really want to stay in my house and not see anybody's face, hear anybody's voice, or deal with anybody's bullshit. Everybody has it, even I do. Hell, I'm just an angry, bitter teenager, but you know what? I'm not pushing it on anybody, so please stop your whining.

Also, if you RP and are interested in reading my rants about it, feel free to go friend me and read them. If you want to friend me just because, that's cool too, I use my livejournal to rant, post homoerotic fiction that I write, and every now and again fulfill some social needs.

Until next time,
Peace out (lol)

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