~J~E~N~ (tengupriestess) wrote in just_fuck_off,

Fuck Presents, I Need Water!

I've worked at the Things Remembered store location in the Northwest Arkansas Mall for almost a month and I still have not been paid for my work. My water has been shut off, my electricity is about to be and the only thing I've eaten in the last 48 hours was a bread stick.

I am not frivolous with my money despite it being the Christmas season. I even had to skip out on buying food for myself because I STILL HAVEN'T BEEN PAID!

Apparently their payroll department doesn't realize that refusing to pay it's employees is highly illegal.

Don't shop or apply for work at one of these stores, these greedy people have destroyed my Christmas and now I have to pay almost $200 in re-connect fees for my utilities at the end of the month.
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