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Stupid People Really Piss Me Off

Okay, today someone just randomly fucking decided that they thought I was "a fucking retard" and that I didn't know anything about even what I was saying about myself, and that I was lying about every single thing I ever wrote on my livejournal. They also, in their infinite knowledge, said that I don't listen to the type of music I say I do, that I have no fucking idea what "bi-curious" means (yeah-fucking-right) and a thousand other completely stupid things that they have no idea about. He or she doesn't know me. I don't even know who the fuck they are. And there they were, insulting me for no reason. And trust me, they were stupid insults as well. 

Well, whoever the fuck it is that thinks I'm a moron, and that everything I say is to get attention, they can just fuck off. Why don't they just go and get a life?

Oh, and I can write pretty damned well, thank you very much. I'm not a fucking prodigy, or god's fucking gift, but my fanfiction isn't "disgusting".

And, yes, I DO have OCD. It runs in my family. My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and uncles all have it, and no, I wasn't 'bragging' about it, I was simply saying that I have it, because I do. What, I can't just talk about my own illness? Yeah, fuck off.

They left about a thousand other comments that I just deleted without reading because they were so fucking stupid.

You know, its actually kind of funny, considering.
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