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Pompous Ass.

I recently travelled from the US to NZ and so I checked the TSA website to make sure I did what I was supposed to. I had some unprocessed film and it said to put it in a separate bag and have the TSA people do a manual check on it, don't put it through the machine.

Ok... so I did that at SeaTac and they checked it for me, all good not a problem. Get to LAX and repeat the process. That's when the pompous ass appeared.

I put my bag through the machine and walked through myself and waited at the table on the other side, where the dickhead was standing with my bag of film. The first thing he asks me is what speed the film is... 200 & 400 ASA I reply. He then arrogantly informs me that the machine only affects film that is 800 ASA. I apologised and told him that the TSA website did not make a distinction so I felt it was better to be safe than sorry.

Then he says (and I quote)... "Just so you feel like a hero, I'll check it for you." Excuse me? I quietly stared at him, debating if I should say something about his unwarranted comment. It wasn't like I was asking him to go above and beyond the call of duty or anything... all he did was examine 5 rolls of film. In the end I just took my stuff and moved on.

Just so I feel like a hero... what the fuck? I didn't ask you to check my film just so I'd feel like a hero, I was doing what your fucking website recommended to do. Maybe he was having a bad day, well guess what... I don't really give a flying fuck! It's your job asswipe, if you can't interact with members of the public without making sarcastic, condescending comments then get the fuck out of it and go do something else.

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