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Hate is such a strong word...

Do you know anything stronger?

Just Fuck Off
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This community is dedicated to all of us who love to hate people who are just too bloody fucking stupid. Feel free to post about those people that just make you wanna shoot youself in the face. Rant, rave, vent all you want. It's a free country. If you just hate everybody in general, fan-fucking-tastic, you'll feel right at home.


  • PLEASE check your spelling, or we'll delete your posts. We don't want to
    fucking deal with your stupidity. .

  • Swear to your little heart's content.. We don't give a rat's ass.

  • USE A CUT TAG if you are having a long rant.

  • Be nice in your comments. We may all hate people, but they may not be the same people. Please understand this.

  • No names. Hints, initials, innuendoes, but NO NAMES. We don't want lawsuits :)

  • Feel free to post your violent fantasies, but don't go too crazy.

  • No promoting of other communities without the permission of a moderator.

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